IC Series

  • IC-2800 Ion Chromatography

    IntroductionIC-2800 Ion Chromatography was created using the latest ion chromatography technology from both at home and abroad. With significant innovative breakthroughs, we w...

  • DM-100/DM-101 Online Degasser

    ● Compatible with many HPLC systems.● Regardless of which degassing mode is used, isocratic or gradient, the DM-100 will guarantee a stable baseline, no drift, and low noise.● 1 - 4 degassing channels to choose from.

  • AS-402 Ion Chromatograph Autosampler

    ● Number of samples: 120 (1.8mL vials)● Injection repeatability: ≤ 0.3% (RSD)● Injection volume: 0.1 - 100 μL● Syringe cleaning: unlimited inner and outer wall washing


  •  enduro Z-1000 enduro Z-1000
  • SensAA SensAA


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